The firm Limp has been dealing with the working out and with the setting up of plastic materials for over 20 years. This section, distinguished by the Trade Mark, wishes to develop its own range of products for the aquariology business. will deal with the projecting and the handcraft realization of the products put on the market, of course not leaving out the final test on the finished product, made by using the correct equipments. All this is possible thanks to its team composed by keen on people and experts, headed by Marcello Luzzana, whose passion gave life to the accomplishment of this new branch. Our experience in the plastic sector allows us to have a good know—how of the materials and of their proper applications.
All this can be seen in a faster projection and realization in order to be able to obtain a product of excellent reliability, functionality and, why not, beauty.
Anyway, we want you to judge...
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Acrylic tank
House Reef
Full-optioned tank
Easy Reef
New Revolution Skimmer
Calcium reactor
Fluidized bed filters
Surface lens
Planckton reactors