Elegance… .

We are pleased to introduce you to Elegance. An aquarium designed to meet your needs. You can compose it according to your needs, both for fresh water and for marine. With the dimensions of 60 x 40 x 40h it allows free positioning in every space of your home, either on a piece of furniture already in your possession, or with our new furniture made of transparent acrylic. Free to be moved, the angle filter (for fresh water) and the tower filter (for salt water) will allow you to better set up your aquarium.  The possibility of receiving it complete with lighting and its specially created supports will ensure that once purchased, all you need to do is furnish it, in fact both the fresh water filter and the filter for sea water are sold complete with everything you need. And if one day you want to turn your aquarium from sweet to marine or vice-versa, just buy the suitable filter, without the need to replace the tank.